“The Capsule Wardrobe: 1,000 Outfits from 30 Pieces” by: Wendy Mak

I may have been hoping for more here, it falls very short on substance, but I wasn’t expecting to feel so let down by this. I think I am mostly sad for needing to leave a less than happy review here.

The “book” portion is only the first 9%, the next 2-5% are drawings on par with fashion inspiration doodles-not bad, just similar to what I would expect to find at a magazine editor office to try out different looks, and the entire rest of the book reads like an excel spreadsheet of over 1,800 lines.

I wasn’t sure what the target demographic here was, minimalists wouldn’t use this as a coffee-table book, for instance, I found the references to be highly stereotypical, from cringe-worthy “We all love shoes!” to fifty shades trilogy references. Oh and don’t forget that love of chocolate, because obviously these are the only things that women could *possibly* ever think about or want as our lives are just so simple and light-hearted. Unsurprisingly for a book so condescending, I did not find it to be in any way helpful.

Anyone already familiar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, even a passing glance through an article on-line, probably won’t find any new ground-breaking territory covered here. I couldn’t see getting this even as a gift because the content is so low.

I would say do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
Unless you really have no idea what a capsule wardrobe is. Maybe, in that case, you might like it.
Quick Facts:
Pages: 240
Expected Release Date: January 3rd, 2017
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing


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