“Never Out of Season” by Rob Dunn

I found most of this fascinating! It amazes me how funds are chosen to be spent. Science/Agriculture lags behind when our very lives DEPEND on food…yet stupid entertainment/commercials/advertising is a multi-million dollar business. Unbelievable really.

I rather enjoyed learning about the previous ways that our food was brought to other places, the dangers inherit with moving crops about in that manner and learning a lot of agricultural truisms than I otherwise would have had I not read this work.

With a science heavy tome like this, many may want to shy away but don’t. The writing style is light and educational in this one. The only two chapters I got bogged down a smidgen by were the ones on cacao (which admittedly were probably more because I am overall no longer a fan of chocolate, I know blasphemy to most, so that was more just my own personal interest level versus any flaw in writing style).

I rate this at a four because it was well-researched and well-written. It wasn’t a difficult read, but rather quick overall I thought considering the amount of material. It wasn’t the type of book I normally seek out which I found to be a great branching out of genres. I can’t bring myself to rate it at a five because I wasn’t like blown-away by it and I honestly don’t have a huge frame of reference to compare it to like in its field and what-have-you. (Again, this is more me and my own reading choices, versus anything against the author, but I still need to go with my own gut on reflecting upon what I read as to how I rate this.)

I was familiar previously w/the banana type change, but I had not known the history as to why before. So far this book is balancing that beautiful line of educational and entertaining. (The writing style is not dry.)

I would recommend this one, especially because of the way the history and science are explained to show what can start to happen again if we let it.

Quick Facts:
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Outdoors & Nature
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Expected Publication Date: March 14, 2017

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