Minimalism Series Part 5: My 100ish Things

This list here might seem like a lot to some or not much to others, but for me for right now it is just the right amount.

Every item I currently have sparks joy and makes me happy to have it. I may purge out more in the future when/if a piece no longer suits me or whatever, but it feels a lot nicer to open my dresser or my closet, to walk into a room and see items that I enjoy/make use of.

Now, I made this list from memory and on a lark. I was intrigued by the idea of people counting their items. As I have stated multiple times for me it was never about a certain number to reach, but for a general feeling of yep, this feels right.

Things may need to be replaced or just not useful and happily let go of; life is constantly changing and not stagnant after all.

I am married and my hubby and I of course are equal in our shared stuff. I included mostly things that were personally purchased & used by me and didn’t include shared stuff cause hey I’m the blogger here so I can make the rules. 🙂

Thus I don’t include stuff like our couch, shared kitchen stuffs, items for our fur-baby, you get the idea.

This post is the last in my 5 part series on minimalism. I hope that you gain some value from having read this series and let me know all about YOUR journey into minimalism too! I would love to hear from you! <3

So, for those curious, here is my list of items that I personally own/lay claim to:

1. Glasses (daily) and back up glasses x2

2. Artwork pieces

3. Glasses Case x2 (Alice in Wonderland & Coach)

4. Wedding Band/Ring(s) (daily)

5. Black boots (daily Fall/Winter)

6. Black Flats (daily Spring/Summer)

7. Beige Flats
8. Sneakers (Outdoor stuff)
9. Winter Boots (Waterproof)
10. Flip-flops


11. “Hakuna Matata” necklace (Made by a friend)

12. Typewriter pendant

13. Black hills gold hearts

14. Black Watch

15. “Keep Calm & Read On” bracelet (From Mom, can’t wear, too big, pretty and makes me smile regardless)

16. Decorative Teacup/Jewelry holder

17. Fleeces (Grouping: “LPT” Columbia, Red/Black Checked, Red/Black Checked)

18. Fireproof safe (for really important paperwork)

19. Bicycle et all (Grouping: helmet, riding gloves, reflectors etc)

20. Dresses (Grouping: Sweater Dress-Grey,  Spring Floral, Brown w/polka dots)

21. Black Comfy reading chair w/personalized pillow on it

22. Black Ottoman (which doubles to hold all important paperwork)

23. Cell Phone + Case

24. Cell Phone & Kindle Charger

25. Kindle + Case

26. Tablet (w/case)

27. Tower Computer

28. Typewriter Mouse pad/Black under mouse pad wrist rest (gift)

29. Nikon D40x Camera et all (bag, accessories, cords for)

30. Alice in Wonderland Tarot set and Namaste box/case

31. Eiffle Tower gold scissors

32. Pink and black polka dot post-its

33. Pen(s) (Grouping)

34. Paper Clips/Tape (Grouping)

35. Hair Dryer +Hair Brush + Hair ties (Grouping)

36. Card Holder (Gift from hubby)

37. Cards (Grouping: Drivers, Library, Bank etc)

38. Bubba mug (daily for work)

39. Small gifts from hubby (“Treasure chest” doodled on container, hand-sewn with a rose felt holder, drawings etc.)

40. Socks (Grouping)

41. Underwear (Grouping)

42. Bras (Grouping, all underwire free)

43. Writing Desk

44. Folding Chair/Back Support thing for chair

45. Umbrellas (Grouping: Collapsible “Stamp” one for car, Multi-colored hearts one for purse, red/black non-collapsible)

46. Black book case-main

47. Black book case-small

48. Seward travel trunk

49. Lamp w/lamp shade

50. Himalayan Salt Lamps (Grouping)

52. Fox lunch bag/tote

52. Purse (Work)

53. Winter Black “Guess” leather coat w/faux fur

54. Navy Blue pea coat Spring/Fall 

55. Green “ski” winter jacket (gift from sister)

56. Gift Wrap rolls (silver w/polka dots, floral)

57. Gift Bags/tissue/bubble wrap/holder (grouping)

58. Board Games (Grouping: 3 Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk)

59. Make up Case (Pink with Black Polka dots from Mom)

60. Make Up (Grouping; which I only have maybe 15 items total including brushes, mostly E.L.F. products)

61. Flower crown headband (From Ren Faire)

62. Daily care stuffs (Grouping: Like Face Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, etc)

63. Towels (Grouping: 3 big and 2 washcloth)

64. Thin notebook(s) (Grouping-Floral, lines, and “moleskin”)

65. Photo albums, Frame set for our wall, + photos (Grouping: 3-black main, fox/friends, wedding)

66. “Monster” backpack

67.  Weekend bag(s) (Grouping: “Guitar” purse and black “frill” cross-body bag)

68. Work Out Clothes (Grouping)

69. Yoga Mat

70. Handheld Weight Set-8 lbs

71. Handheld Weight Set-15 lbs

72. Writing/Pen Pal Supplies-paper, cards, stamps etc. (Grouping)

73. Address book (personalized gift from friend)

74. Essential Oils (Grouping)

75. Bath Salts/Epsom (Grouping)

76. Nail Kit (Grouping)

77. First Aid Kit (Grouping)

78. Medications (daily and emergency) (grouping)

79. Buddha slide top holder-silver

80. Buddha bank (gift from friend)

81. Buddha statue (on main bookcase)

82. Mini night lamp on bedside/dresser top

83. Bedside 3 drawer dresser

84. Cloth Bag(s) (Grouping: Zip “Neverland”, polka dot one for library books, beige, ones for groceries)

85. Holiday decorations (Grouping: including our “Santa” hats, Charlie Brown mini tree)

86. Mini Owl trunk

87. Caboodles pink with black lace case for glasses/eye care stuffs

88. Stuffed animals x2 (“Mr. Chess” Cheshire cat and “Icicle” Penguin)

89. Bed et all (Grouping: Sheets, Mattress, pillow, etc.)

90. Xbox One et all (Grouping: controller, wires, headset etc)

91. Headphones w/mic (use with phone)

92. Decorative baskets for bookcase (Grouping)

93. “Majesty” zip holder (Grouping: for chapstick, hand lotion, medications)

94. Bookmarks (Grouping: HP Hermione quote one, Hocus Pocus one, and For “Fox Sake” one)

95. Work Clothes (Grouping)

96. Casual Clothes (Grouping)

97. PJs (Grouping)

98. Battery charge pack-portable (pink) (gift from hubby)

99. Hats + Gloves (Winter Cheshire cat, baseball grey, baseball red w/logo, gloves, etc.)

100. Books (Grouping) (29 of them,  30 as of October. See my post about the books I own for the titles/authors list.)

2 Replies to “Minimalism Series Part 5: My 100ish Things”

  1. You, my dear are very inspiring…not sure how many books I just donated, but believe me only kept the books, that are special to me and/ or I know I will read. Keep on shining, sunshine!!!

    1. Splendid! Much easier to hold onto books you know you’ll read, not only for less accumulation in general, but for far less to dust!

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