“Bad News” (Bad Books #3) by: Pseudonymous Bosch

The Bad News is that this definitely felt like it will be the last book of the series. Just in reading it, it felt like everything was being wrapped up and it is always bittersweet reading the last book in a series.

I thought the questions tied up well and the story was a fun romp with Clay! Plus we got to hang with Cass a little bit and Clay got a love interest in Satya. I liked that the dragons were featured in a way that showed their wisdom.

Max-Earnest being in a relationship with a man was an unexpected, yet delightful addition. I liked that at the end in the very extended footnotes we got to “meet” the author finally.

I love his work and have enjoyed all of the Secret series as well as this spin off.

I will check out his future work as well.

This one accidentally covered my Sunshine Rising Challenge component of “A book with Dragons” which was super exciting!

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