“How to be a Scientist” by: Steve Mould

I have always liked the DK books. They are always filled with intriguing facts and presented in an easy to follow way.

This is the exact type of book I would have gone bananas over when I was a kid. The facts in here are presented in an easy to digest format; especially great for those who may have shorter attention spans.

Many of the topics covered I was already familiar with, but I could see a child (or adult who loves to learn!) being able to pick up on the material easily. I learned that camels don’t actually store water in their humps. Say what?! Wow! Science!

The pictures will definitely appeal to youngsters and the bright and happy colors used throughout the book helped to give the book a fun vibe.

All of the experiments are laid out in simple to follow steps, with warnings to ask a grown-up for help on the ones that could be a bit more dangerous for a little scientist in training to do her or himself. Many of the materials used were common items probably found in most households.

Covering several branches of science, Chemistry to Biology, Astronomy to Physics, this book managed it all in short yet concise chapters with spotlights on certain notable historical scientists thrown in for good measure.

I would recommend this as a great gift idea for a little one! The book just felt like it was interactive enough that it would make a terrific present for a kid for their birthday or just because.

Quick Facts:

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: DK Children

Genre: Children’s Non Fiction, Science

Expected Publication Date: May 9th, 2017

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