“The Allingham Casebook” by: Margery Allingham

This one reminded me of Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) type of writing. Mysteries do that for me sometimes because I am a huge fan of Sherlock. I may be putting that into the material more than other readers for that very reason, however, I especially found that to be true for this one.

This is a collection of witty short story mysteries and I do love me some witty writing. There were also times during reading that I was reminded of the India Black (Carol K. Carr) series. I bring a lot to what I read nowadays I guess.

The stories were short enough to be entertaining and not drag along which was very nice. The characters were fun and seemed to have their own distinct voices, so it didn’t seem in that regard like she was recycling the same old tropes/plots.

A refreshing read for anyone looking for short and keeps you guessing mystery. Bravo and well done. I tip my proverbial hat to Ms. Allingham

Quick Facts:

Format: E-book (Kindle Edition)

Page Count: 214

Publisher: Ipso Books

Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

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