“Forgive my Fins”(Fins #1) by: Tera Lynn Childs

I checked out a few reviews on good-reads before I jumped into writing my own. Only occasionally do I do this. I wanted to see if others were as enchanted with this as I was. Surprisingly, not the first few I read…

I did not understand why so many people were down on this book.

Yes it is filled with puns…..DELIGHTFULLY filled with puns! (I love puns)

The romance story was very reminiscent for me of my own obsessive days which looking back on were nothing short of cringe worthy. I saw a lot of myself, too much actually, in the main character Lily.

Granted, I myself am not a mermaid, at least I don’t think I am, but I too was a bit too into the made up fantasy version of various crushes I had to realize that they were not all that I had thought they were. It is all too easy for a girl to hear her crush say something to her and fixate on that and the phrasing especially. The word choice he uses is always important.

Lily was lucky enough to actually have people in her corner to show her what they could already see by not telling her outright and letting her discover and learn on her own.

I related to Lily in that regard. I too had to learn that my crushes were not meant to be.

As a very happily married woman (married to the second guy I ever dated) I can say looking back on my obsessive younger days, that this was indeed a believable story.

Anyone says any different just never experienced that not-meant-to-be longing themselves.

I could see where Lily was coming from. She didn’t get along with Quince and then she realized that he brought out the best in her and made her into a stronger version of herself…yep. I could relate to that too. Hubby and I get along very well, but he knows how to push my buttons in a lot of ways and frankly, he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. He pushes me to be a stronger version of myself and not just complacent. I have always wanted everyone to get along and just gone with the flow. Sometimes, you need someone to push you to stand on your own two feet. Jake is that for me and I think Quince is that for Lily.

I loved the story. The bond aspect was a nice addition and the story had great pacing.

The drawback was the rush to believe once Lily revealed herself as a mermaid to her best friend and then accidentally to her crush Brody. That didn’t feel realistic to me, that felt like it was rushed. Even in a world where that could happen, it seems unlikely without any proof whatsoever that her best friend would believe her being a mermaid. It felt even more unrealistic that someone that only liked her around for the boost to his ego would believe it either. Hence, the four and a half star rating instead of a full five.

I found this to be enchanting and I really adored the characters. I totally ship Lily and Quince. I am excited to dive into book two. (Pun was not intended, but then I realized it totally fit. I always say I am “diving into a book” and it was never more apropos than now!)

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