“The Ancient Path of Dreaming” by: Stephen Larsen & Tom Verner

I was enthralled with some of this and slogged through other parts. There is a certain irony there that some of the information figuratively put me to sleep. Other parts I was fascinated by.

The best part to me was the psychology behind dreams. I have been a lifelong studier of dreams and dream interpretation. I also enjoyed reading about the workshop thing they started for children to act out the part of monsters so their nightmares would dissipate. I found that not only sweet, but also a useful tidbit of knowledge to have. Make the scary less scary by no longer demonizing it. Much like fears of any sort can be overcome by exposure.

The parts that were difficult for me were probably simply my own preferences and what I find to not be that interesting…however the history was worth learning about. I feel like maybe a different more exciting approach could have been taken there, but again that could have just been my own take.

Overall, I would recommend this one to anyone looking to dive into more background and research on dreams and dreaming in general. Be warned though, some parts may put you to sleep…which hey that could be part of the selling point, amiright?!

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