“Catdoodles” by: Akiko Masuda

“Catdoodles” by: Akiko Masudais published by Quarry books was sent to me for review as an ebook by Netgalley. This title was released September 1st, 2017 so it is available now. It is 64 pages and a paperback.

This was an adorable book!

I love the concept here. Basically with the adult coloring books coming out and being super popular, it seemed inevitable that a few kawaii (cute/adorable) style drawing books would come out too. Doodle drawing is super relaxing and cats are adorable and easy to draw.

Now I could see a lot of nay-sayers saying that this book wasn’t super fancy, it didn’t include much instruction, it was a lot of “wasted space” but to them I say “Be nice!” Truly this would be a fun and relaxing way to take your mind off of what is stressing you or worrying you and just draw some cute kitties.

This can be used and adored by any age. The doodles can be colored or not. There are no “boundaries” here.

There are even a few “guest appearances” like doodles of bunnies and other surprise animals. 🙂

How could you not love this one? What isn’t to love?

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