November Wrap Up!

I am SUPER thankful for the books I was able to knock out this month especially because I had some weird reading moments happening!

“The Queen Is Dead” (Immortal Empire #2) and “Long Live The Queen” (Immortal Empire #3) by: Kate Locke began my month of reading in finishing off this Sci-Fi trilogy that I enjoyed immensely!

I had to DNF three books this month. “The Tao of Pooh” by: Benjamin Hoff was recommended to me by a friend, but I couldn’t get into it. The two that were the most surprising for me were-“Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green and “Tower of Dawn” by Sarah J. Mass. I talked about these two a bit on my channel. These are two authors whose works I have previously LOVED that for whatever reason, just were not working for me this month.

After I emotionally was able to move past those shocker DNFs, I added in a few children books from Netgalley since this month was #picturebookmonth to prevent a reading slump. The two I reviewed were so cute and highly enjoyable. “The Pink Umbrella” by: Amelie Callot and “Hedgehog” by: Ashlyn Anstee. Whew, slump avoided!

“The Wife Between Us” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen was a psychological thriller that I had a lot of fun with in trying to guess what was happening. I was honored to get to be a part of the blog tour of this book and got to host my first giveaway!

Continuing on with that Thriller genre, I picked up “There’s Someone Inside Your House” by: Stephanie Perkins. I had never read anything by her before and am not usually a slasher fan, but this one was an interesting story. Was it perfect? No. Did I still like and enjoy it regardless? Yeah.

I was also sent my very first two physical books to review from BloggingForBooks and PenguinRandomHouse: “Wonder Woman: Warbringer” by: Leigh Bardugo and “A Short History of the Girl Next Door” by: Jared Reck.

As for Wonder Woman, I was honored to get a copy especially since this release was one of my top three most highly anticipated releases of 2017. I was able to read and review it before going to see the newly released Justice League movie with my husband. I had never read anything by Bardugo, and I must say, I like her writing and will probably seek out more works by her soon.

 As for Short History, holy crap on a cracker this read was by far my favorite YA read of the year, possibly of all time. Check out my review about it for more, but this books was a prime example of what excellent writing skill and craft looks like. Bravo!

A few library reads followed me home as usual but I had some book A.D.D. going on this month and cycled through picking up and reading a few chapters of a few books, but not feeling compelled or inspired and moving along to another book after finishing “All the Crooked Saints” by: Maggie Stiefvater.

I was able to knock out the audiobook of “Warcross” by: Marie Lu during workouts this month. Super super yay! This one was the one that pulled me from some book a.d.d. I was experiencing which was a pain.

My last read of the month was Nick Offermans’ “Paddle Your Own Canoe” which I listened to mostly on audio and thumbed through a few chapters of my husbands’ physical copy. Definitely, recommend the audio as the humor comes across much better because the audio is read by Offerman himself which is such a treat!

 I am looking forward to nesting in for December by finishing out the last books I want to knock out before the end of 2017!


“The Pink Umbrella” by: Amelie Callot (Release: January 2, 2018)

“The Wife Between Us” by: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (Release: January 9, 2018)

“Hedgehog” by: Ashlyn Anstee (Release: May 8, 2018)


“The Queen Is Dead” (Immortal Empire #2) by: Kate Locke

“Long Live The Queen” (Immortal Empire #3) by: Kate Locke

“There’s Someone Inside Your House” by: Stephanie Perkins

“All the Crooked Saints” by: Maggie Stiefvater

“Warcross” by: Marie Lu

“Paddle Your Own Canoe” by: Nick Offerman

Review Copy:

“Wonder Woman: Warbringer” by: Leigh Bardugo

“A Short History of the Girl Next Door” by: Jared Reck

Until next month-

Remember reading can brighten up any day!

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