“The Pink Umbrella” by: Amélie Callot

What a sweet story about community and friendship!

The colors used in the illustrations are stunning, many pinks, reds, magentas and some blues and greys. Quite elegant and soft.

Adele works at a bistro/cafe in her small town. She is open all days except for Sundays and then even open on those days for her “regulars”.

Movie screenings, game nights, and general community gatherings take place here. Adele closes shop sometimes to take a walk and usually comes back to find a customer or two patiently waiting.

This story helps to teach some beautiful lessons throughout.

Adele doesn’t like rainy and gloomy days. She doesn’t get many customers and usually stays in bed under the covers. Soon a pair of rain boots show up at her coatrack. She asks around, but no one knows who they could belong to and they fit Adele perfectly!

Not long afterwards, a raincoat, then a pink umbrella!

I thought this would turn into a romantic type of story, but it stayed friendship based all through and the very last sentence was surprising to me because I thought I had known who was leaving Adele these items.

Appropriate I would say for children ages 7-9. Maybe expanding out 5-10, but I feel like 7-9 years olds would grasp more of the themes and beauty of the illustrations.


Quick Facts:

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Penguin Random House Canada

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Expected Publication Date: January 2, 2018


Goodreads Synopsis:

Perfect for fans of Amelie, this is a charming story about the power of friendship, love and pink polka dots to turn rainy days into sunny ones and sadness into joy.

When it’s bright outside, Adele is the heart of her community, greeting everyone who comes into her cafe with arms wide open. But when it rains, she can’t help but stay at home inside, under the covers. Because Adele takes such good care of her friends and customers, one of them decides to take care of her too, and piece by piece leaves her little gifts that help her find the joy in a gray, rainy day. Along with cute-as-a-button illustrations, The Pink Umbrella celebrates thoughtful acts of friendship.

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